Frosty Fly Wiggly Worm Bodies

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  • Frosty Fly Wiggly Worm Bodies are a must in your fly tying arsenal.
  • Super stretchable and soft.
  • Tie your favorite squiggly, squirmy worm fly patterns – tying variations are countless.
  • When in water, they look so lively – it makes fish crazy about them.
  • Love them, or hate them, the fact is – they are absolutely deadly.
  • Target many species of fish: trout, steelhead, bass, carp, barbel, chub and many other species.
  • Made of very stretchable silicon material.
  • Each piece is approximately 3.94 inches ( 10 cm) long, and about o.08″  (2 mm) thick.
  • Choose from a range of most attractive colors.
  • Pack of 10 wiggly worm bodies per bag.