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Frostyfly Realistic Dragonfly Larvae

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  • Realistic Skimmer Dragonfly Larvae – a life-like replica of the real skimmer dragonfly nymph.
  • Sinking version of a dragonfly larvae pattern.
  • The design mimics the natural insect: the body has the elongated, cylindrical shape with head, thorax and abdomen defined.
  • Body has been molded out of durable, silicone-like material and has a shiny, wet appearance.
  • Coloring and detailed printing adds to the authenticity of the pattern.
  • The three pairs of segmented, flexible legs give the fly a bit of ‘movement’ in the water.
  • A very effective pattern that will produce some good strikes.
  • Comes in Green, Olive and Brown and hook size #6.