Hemingways Hare Dubbing Dispenser by Frostyfly

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  • A light and practical 12-compartmental dubbing block with 12 popular shades of Hemingway’s Hare Dubbing – a top quality natural hair dubbing material.
  • Pre-blended 100% rabbit fur, a perfect blend of underfur and guard hairs.
  • Soft, fine to medium textured dubbing.
  • A perfect choice for adding a “buggy” look to most flies.
  • The longer, guard hairs provide a spiky look on fly patterns.
  • Super easy to dub, to twist-dub, as well as to form a noodle for dubbing loops.
  • Perfect as a base material for nymphs and wet flies, but also great for dry fly patterns.
  • Natural hairs provide a more authentic look to the fly pattern.
  • This dispenser is super-convenient space saver and a neat dubbing organizer.
  • Designed with side-openings – provides easy access from both sides.
  • Gives more precision – you can pull just the right amount of material at the time.
  • Re-filling the compartments is easy – simply push the dab of dubbing inside with a pen.
  • Helps keeping your work bench clean and tidy.
  • Absolutely essential when travelling – enables you to carry your favorite dubbing collections in a tidy and compact container.
  • Chose from two color collections.

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