Hemingways Hare Plus Dubbing by Frostyfly

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  • A premium quality dubbing blend of hare’s mask, soft underfur,  guard hairs, and a small touch of fine & sparkling synthetic fibers.
  • Hare’s mask and underfur provide the base of this dubbing mix, holding the blend together, giving it a supple and soft consistency and making it extra easy to dub.
  • The longer, guard hairs provide the spiky appearance and make this dubbing excellent choice for tying ‘buggy’ fly patterns.
  • The flashy synthetic fibers give this material a bit of translucent appearance and the right amount of shimmer so it can effectively mimic the exoskeletons of the subsurface fly bodies.
  • Flies tied with this material have that authentic wet, shiny look of the real insect.
  • Medium textured dubbing for limitless applications.
  • Extra easy to dub, to twist-dub, as well as to form a noodle for dubbing loops.
  • Excellent choice for tying nymphs, emergers, wet flies and streamer flies.
  • Natural hairs provide a more authentic look to the fly pattern.
  • Comes in wide range of authentic looking colors.