Hemingways Synthetic Tapered Peacock Holo Quill by Frostyfly

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  • Hemingway’s Synthetic Tapered Peacock Holo Quill – a great, new alternative for quill-bodied flies.
  • Imitates the natural peacock quill: detailed, gradient print and coloration.
  • Holographic finish brings extra life to any pattern: provides the 3D effect, gives the appearance of depth and makes the fly appear realistically transparent.
  • Multi-color effect also acts as an additional trigger to the fish.
  • Perfect choice for tying super-effective nymph & buzzer bodies, especially great for Spanish Perdigon nymph patterns.
  • Extra thin, self-adhesive vinyl strips are easy to use – peel off and wrap.
  • Tapered on the end for a more natural look.
  • Strips are 2.2 mm wide and 100 mm long.
  • Stronger, lighter than natural peacock quill.

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