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Hemingways Ultra Fine Tying Wire .01 freeshipping - Dooleys Fly Fishing

Hemingways Ultra Fine Tying Wire .01

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  • Hemingway’s Ultra Fine Wire 0.1 mm – a high quality, super-fine tying wire.
  • Great to work with.
  • Used for added durability, making bodies, or for ribbing on smaller flies, size #16 and smaller.
  • A great selection of flashy colors to grab the attention of a fish.
  • A very thin wire with diameter of 0.1 mm (0.04″).
  • Comes with 30 m (about 100 feet) of wire per spool.
  • Tip: Never use your fine fly tying scissors to cut the wire, wiggle it back and forth to break it, or use some old scissors instead.