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Ice Dub freeshipping - Dooleys Fly Fishing

Ice Dub

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Sparkle, flash and dubs easily, my favorite dubbing!

Ice Dub Dispenser Contains; Peacock, UV Lt Olive, UV Shrimp Pink, UV Red, Olive Brown, Olive, Chartreuse, UV Pearl, Caddis Green, Orange, Pearl

Ice Dub Dispenser II Contains; UV Lt Yellow, Peacock Black, UV Pink, Rusty Brown, Silver Holo, UV Tan, Chocolate Brown, UV Cinnamon, Golden Brown, UV Dun, Minnow Belly, Hot Yellow

Steel Head Ice Dub Dispenser Contains; UV Black, Chartreuse, UV Fl Hot Pink, UV Hot Orange, Yellow, Orange, UV Lavender, UV Pearl, UV Purple, UV Shell Pink, UV Shrimp Pink, Silver Holo

Trout Ice Dub Dispenser includes; Caddis Green, Chocolate Brown, UV Cinnamon, Golden Brown, UV Light Olive, Pearl, UV Light Yellow, Olive, Peacock, Peacock Black, Rusty Brown, UV Tan