KONA BGH Big Game Hunter Hook

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The short-shank streamer hook for tying Game Changers, tarpon flies, and other streamers where failure is simply not an option. Articulated Shanks are ideal to combine with the BGH for streamer patterns with extremely lifelike movement (Kona recommends the Fish-Skull¨ Articulated Shank family).

Specs: Short-shank big-game fly, Game Changer & trailer and tube hooks; black-nickel finish, barbed, straight eye, 1X short, 2X strength, wide gap, ultra sharp, high-carbon steel, forged.

Available in 6 (6/0), 8 (4/0) 10 (3/0) 12 (2/0,1/0) 14 (1,2,4) 16 (6,8) and 250 hooks per pack

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