Realistic Flexy Insect Legs Cicadas and Large Bugs by Frostyfly

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  • Realistic Flexy Insect Legs Cicadas & Large Bugs – a must-have when tying realistic looking flies.
  • Provide movement and authentic look and feel to your fly.
  • Shape, segmentation, size and coloring of the real insect legs.
  • Soft to the touch and appear like real legs in the water.
  • Made of super flexible and stretchy rubber-like material.
  • Sturdy and durable – can withstand fish bites with ease.
  • Ready-made and easy to use – can be either tied on or glued on.
  • Great for hooks #8-10 and for tying cicadas and various bigger insect patterns.
  • 10 pieces per bag to make 10 flies.
  • Choose from six shades: Yellow/Black, Cinnamon, Orange, Brown, Dark Brown or Black.

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