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Realistic Hopper Legs 3D by Frostyfly freeshipping - Dooleys Fly Fishing

Realistic Hopper Legs 3D by Frostyfly

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  • Realistic Hopper Legs 3D are unique, ready-made fly tying parts.
  • Super effective – make your flies look and ‘behave’ like real hoppers on the water.
  • Authentic appearance, color, size, proportions of real hopper legs.
  • Legs bent in 3 dimensions like in a real insect.
  • Made from foam-like material – super light and floatable – resulting in perfect presentation.
  • Added layer of silicone for flexibility.
  • Durable, high quality material.
  • Easy to tie – can be used with other foam parts, or with traditional materials, as they are highly floatable.
  • A perfect complement to Realistic Hopper Bodies.
  • Great for hopper (grasshopper) and cricket patterns.
  • 6 sets of legs per box.
  • A selection of six colors: Black, Tan, Green, Yellow, Gray and Pink and three sizes: Small, Medium and Large.