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Terrestrial Preshaped Foam Bodies by Frostyfly freeshipping - Dooleys Fly Fishing

Striped Terrestrial Preshaped Foam Bodies by Frostyfly

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  • Terrestrial Preshaped Foam Bodies 3 mm are precut, foam cylinders great for tying various kinds of terrestrial fly patterns.
  • A row of stripes on one end makes them perfect for tying great looking bees, bumblebees, wasps, etc.
  • Preshaped – the ends are tapered to mimic the natural shape of insect’s body.
  • Made of flexible, dense, foam-like material that provides high floatability.
  • The bodies are 3 mm in diameter and come in three color variations: Yellow Stripes, Gray Stripes and Honey Stripes.
  • Durable, high quality material.
  • Perfectly complemented with Realistic Insect Legs 3D to make some killer flies.
  • 10 bodies per bag.