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Vicuna Dubbing Box Of Olives Selection freeshipping - Dooleys Fly Fishing

Vicuna Dubbing Box Of Olives Selection

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The Box of Olives appears to be very popular over in the U.K. so we've decided to launch it on the website so everyone has the opportunity to enjoy it!!
It's amazing what comes from people asking us for different Own Selection boxes and as we had seven Olives we decided to make a special Black Olive to complete this boxed selection.
So here our natural Olive Dubbings have been placed in an eight compartment box making organising your dubbing selections from Vicuna easy peasy!
Enjoy our Olive shades,
- Light Olive
- Medium Olive
- Dark Olive
- Black Olive
- Olive Dun
- Green Olive
- Brown Olive
- Golden Olive