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Vicuna Dubbing's Daryl Anglers Carp Inspired Blends Selection Box freeshipping - Dooleys Fly Fishing

Vicuna Dubbing's Daryl Anglers Carp Inspired Blends Selection Box

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We are very pleased to announce the arrival of  another of our Pro Team members blends selections! 

This time from Daryl Angler in the USA who is a an absolute scientist when it comes to the creation of Carp flies!

Daryl has created these blends for flies he sells direct to his customers and has taken time to test and adjust these blends so they look exactly how he requires them to in the water on his patterns. 

If you are interested in tying any Carp flies you should check out Carp Champions on Facebook, a page we can not recommend enough. 

The guys have helped Vicuña Dubbing with the launch of Daryl’s blends selection and have confirmed that these blends are amazing. 

Daryl brings you eight fantastic blends in the selection which he has named including;

  • Unibrow-n
  • Black & Tan
  • Iron Throne Grey
  • Craw Peacock
  • Dirty Ginger
  • Summer Sherbert
  • Voltage B.O.
  • Carp Peacock

Although we are advertising these blends for carp flies they will also work on all patterns if you are looking for something just that bit different too.