Weighted Caddis Larva Bodies With Hooks by Frostyfly

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  • Weighted Caddis Larva Bodies with Hooks – great for tying realistic looking and effective caddis nymph patterns.
  • Weighted to get the fly quickly to the bottom and keeping it longer in the fishing zone.
  • Ready-made with hook included – to provide faster tying.
  • Made from lead that has been molded onto a high quality hook and shaped into a realistic looking segmented caddis nymph body.
  • Authentic coloring and details for more lifelike appearance.
  • Finished with layers of clear lacquer, providing protection and giving it shiny, wet look.
  • 6 bodies/hooks per package.
  • Comes in Light Green, Brown, Green and Smokey and four hook sizes/weights: #10 (1 gr), #12 (0.7 gr), #14 (0.3 gr) and #16 (0.1 gr).

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